Here’s a little about me.  I am a recently converted Apple fanboy, after so many years spent growing up on a PC.  My first computer was a 386 Windows 3.1 desktop, and I have upgraded through the Pentium ranks and Windows OS’s.  I did most of my computer learning in the era of Windows 95, where I learned not to be afraid of clicking buttons to see what they did, especially if there was an undo button nearby.  After evolving through XP and Windows 7, I made my first foray back into the Apple world with the iPhone 3GS.  It was so much more functional that my old basic cellphone, that I quickly grew to appreciate it and understand how everyone that I knew who owned a smartphone was quick to say that “once you have one, you will wonder how you ever lived without one before.”

iPhone 5

The iPhone 3GS was a great phone and lasted me until the release of the iPhone 4S, which I scooped up on release day.  No, I am not one of those people who will wait in line for hours.  I was one of the smart ones who promptly placed my order online and secured the release day delivery.  I eventually began to realize that once you commit to one of these software ecosystems, you really do begin to feel an attachment to it.  Not necessarily because it becomes familiar, but because if you purchase any number of apps, they are generally transferrable to your new phone assuming that you stay within that ecosystem.  iPhone 3GS apps worked on my iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 (which my wife purchased soon after its release as well.  I’m waiting for the next version!)  If I were to have purchased an Android phone, I would have had to repurchase the Android versions, if they were available at all.  So, when you start to use one system or another, it really does turn into an investment that is hard to leave later on.  And I’m sure that this concept works the other way as well, if you start with an Android for any length of time, and then want to switch over to an Apple device.

I also am familiar with the iPad tablet.  I have the 3rd generation iPad, also known as “the new iPad” (though it isn’t very new anymore).  Tablets were a strange concept for me, because I felt for the longest time that I have my desktop to do computer work when I’m at home, and I had a laptop when I wanted to be mobile (or, lazy), and my iPhone for when I wanted something quickly.  However, as iPad’s caught on, I said that I would buy one when it came equipped with a Retina display.  So that is where I am now, and I love it.

Of course, getting a taste for Retina display quality graphics means that you really suffer looking at any other inferior screen.  And considering that our old Toshiba Windows 7 laptop was dieing a slow and painful death, we made the final jump over to Apple by getting in with a 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display.  This computer is the best computer I have ever used.  I have a hard time going to work and using those crummy Windows XP machines.  Slow, and ugly.  Bleh.

So, with all of these Apple products, I am very familiar with the various apps that are available for these devices.  I keep up to date with what is new and popular, and I try out many for myself.  I continually try to communicate that these devices are more than just phones or entertainment machines, but they are enablers to help us get things done more effectively and efficiently.  That is what I hope to be able to convey through the posts of this website.  These devices are tools that can be customized with apps to do what we want them to do, to make our lives easier.  People just need to realize that these actually are tools, and not just some fancy, pretty screens.

We do still have our Windows 7 machine for running any of our older programs when we need to, though our household is completely happy with our setup.  iPhones, iPad, and MacBook Pro, and the way that Apple integrates them together in various ways makes them such a pleasure to work with.  We are very hopeful for a forthcoming Apple TV set, or at least an updated hardware set-top box.  I should also state that I have limited experience with Android phones and tablets.  So, while this site will heavily lean towards the Apple way of things, I will also include varying topics that would be more relevant to Androids or PCs.

In any case, I hope that you find something of value on my site.  Thanks for reading.


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