One of the most commonly used features of smartphones is their cameras.  One of the first things that everyone learns about their phones, from Android professionals to iPhone newbies, is how to take pictures with their new device.  Digital SLR cameras will still produce top quality photos, but not everyone walks around with their SLR all of the time in the hopes of capturing that perfect shot. This is where the convenience of having a camera built into your smartphone everywhere you go cannot be understated.  The best camera you have is the one that you have with you!  And the quality of smartphone cameras is so good on the most recent models of phones that you don’t need to have a professional grade camera to be able to take great pictures.  However, as good as these cameras have become, a lot of pictures can benefit from touch ups… even professional photographers will  touch up their works that were taken with way more expensive photo equipment than most users will use!  Using this app tactic of editing your photos after you take them means that you can produce amazing artwork that you can appreciate and enjoy for years.

There are several apps for photo editing on iPhone from which you can choose.  There are also a large number of photo apps for Android as well.  All of them will do several basic tasks, such as photo cropping or levelling, and many will provide you with several additional “filters” that you can apply to your photo to colorize or stylize them.  Over several posts, I would like to discuss a few of these.  iPhoto is a great editor that works specifically on Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers, though will cost you a few dollars.  Camera+ is another great app that has amazing functionality to help you take great photos and then apply one of several effects.  Instagram is available on multiple platforms as a free online photo editing service.  Snapseed has recently been updated (and dropped from $4.99 to free!) and rebranded to be more closely tied to Google+.  And finally Photosynth is a free app that can produce amazing panorama shots or capture 360 degree photos.  These are some of the photo editors that I like to use the most on my iPhone, though there are so many apps to choose from in the App Store or Marketplace that you really have no excuse not to edit your photos to get them looking perfect.  I will go into more details on each of these fantastic photo apps over the next few posts.

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