Everyone (hopefully!) knows that they should use strong and unique passwords for their various logins around the Internet. If you use the same password repeatedly, you open yourself up to losing everything if it is ever discovered for any of the sites. But if you make every password unique and difficult to crack, how will you ever remember all of them? This is where I recommend 1Password by Agilebits as a digital storage locker for all of your important information. In this post, I’m going to describe a shortcut that I just learned that makes password entry even easier on the Mac!

The usual method of logging on to a website via 1Password is likely something like this:

  1. Go to your website in Safari.
  2. Command – \ to access 1Password.
  3. Unlock 1Password.
  4. Select your password profile to load for your website.

Alternately, you may do something like this:

  1. Command – \ to access 1Password.
  2. Unlock 1Password.
  3. Browse or search through your 1Password list for the site that you want.
  4. Double-tap to open your site in Safari.

Either one of these methods if fairly streamlined and straightforward. However, with my trick, you can cut that down even further.

Here is the trick to cut out some of these steps entirely.

What you will do is create a bookmark in Safari that contains a link to the 1Password login entry.

This is really simple. First, open the main 1Password window (not the new mini-browser). From there, select your website login that you would like saved for easy access. Then, simply drag the login to the toolbar in Safari, and it will generate a brand new bookmark! To access it now, you simply click on it as you would any other bookmark, which will cause the website to open, as well as open 1Password to prompt you for your PIN. Once you’ve entered that, the bookmark will continue to enter your username and password, and then log you in! Even faster – your bookmarks will automatically just load and log you in if 1Password is already open!

This is a great pro-tip to really speed up your workflow! I’ve been using 1Password for a while, but I have always gone into the app and searched for the login I wanted. This doesn’t really take up a whole lot of time, especially with their simple search function, but this bookmark method cuts that time down even further. The AgileBits guys are great at providing tips like these on their blog, which is where I found this one.

1Password is one of my most-used and favorite apps, and I have it installed on all of my family’s Apple devices. For those unfamiliar with it, think of it as a secured database that keeps track of whatever important information you want to save in it. I’ve written about it in a previous post, though they have since released an updated (and much better!) version. You can save notes or numbers, or most relevant to this post, website user IDs. You can create profiles that contain the website address where you go to log on, your username, and your password (which itself can either simply be recorded as whatever password you have, or you can take advantage of the 1Password new password generator to create a new and complex one). When you want to log on to any of these sites, you simply access it through 1Password, which will take you to the site and automatically fill out the required fields and log you in. It’s fantastically simple, and your entire database is encrypted behind your PIN. It is a remarkable time saver.

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