Making a grocery list is a simple process on your iPhone!  It’s no more difficult than using the traditional method of pen and paper, with the added bonuses that you can reuse your list, and you won’t be ever caught without it (of course, unless you forget your phone!). Here is an app option that iOS users have at their disposal.  Using one of these app tactics will help you get your shopping done in a very organized way!  There are many shopping list apps available in the Apple App Store, though this is one of my favourites.

Springpad app iconMy go-to app for creating shopping lists is called Springpad.  It is much more than a simple list-making app, so when you download it, you actually get a lot more functionality.  I find that for making my grocery lists, it’s perfect.  The lists that you can make are checklists rather than just a list of text.  So, when you go to the market and put bread in your basket, you go to the app and tap the checkbox to cross it off your list.  In this way, you are sure to get everything that you need and not miss anything.

Another great feature is that you can create multiple lists, each for a different store.  For me, I have one list for the grocery store, one list for Costco, and one for the organic store.  This is a great way of sorting the things that you need to buy, and much better than just going off of a single list but having to go to multiple stores.  By doing it that way, you inevitably will get to the last store of the day and realize that you missed something at one of your previous stops.  With these simple to use lists that are dedicated to specific stores, this won’t happen anymore.

A final awesome feature about Springpad that I want to mention is the Show / Hide Completed items button.  What this does is it allows you to reuse your shopping lists, but only display the relevant items without having to muddle through things that you’re not concerned with at the time. This is a super helpful feature so that I don’t have to scroll through unnecessary items over and over again.  It also means that you don’t have to waste time generating a new, full list each time you have to go shopping.

Here’s how I typically use this app to manage my shopping lists.

Springpad list exampleGoing into the Springpad app, you will readily see a big blue + button near the bottom.  If you tap this button, you get to the Add Item screen.  While there are many options here for you to explore here (which is what makes this app so great!), what I use here is the Checklist.  By tapping that, you are then able to enter a name for your new list, and then below you will see a prompt to “Add an item”.  So, I will type “bread”, and then I can tap on the next “Add an item” prompt to continue to build my list in this way, clicking Done when I have completed the list.  As it is at the moment, no items are checked off.  When I get to the store and pick up my things, I tap to add a check mark on each line.  When I have checked off everything, obviously my shopping trip is complete!  To create another list, simply tap the back button on the top left corner to be taken to the main list of shopping lists, where you will find the blue + button to create a new list again, or just tap on the title of a different list to go into that one.

Here is where the usefulness of this app really shines.  Now, next time you have to go to the grocery store, you likely will need to make use of a similar list of items (if not exactly the same).  When you access the Springpad app this time, your shopping list will be as it was when you left it last: that is, fully checked and completed.  So what you do is scan over the list and remove the check marks of the things that you will need to purchase this time.  You can go shopping and get your stuff done at this point already, though if you click on the Hide Completed button beneath your list, this will consolidate all of the unchecked items and hide the checked items that you aren’t interested in purchasing on this outing.  You can toggle the Show and Hide Completed button to customize what you want to add to your list at any time.  In this way, you will wind up with a large list that has many things on it (anything that you ever add to your list), but customizable for each shopping trip so that you only see those items that you need to buy.

Using this app tactic of creating a master shopping list in Springpad, and then simply modifying it before you go to the store each time, you will save time by not having to remake new lists each time, as well as ensure that you will get everything at the store that you have listed.  It’s a fantastic app, and I highly recommend that you download it and explore some of its other functionality.

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