FaceTime is one of the best features of your iOS devices. It is a simple way to quickly have a video call and to actually see your loved one on the other end. In addition, you can also use FaceTime to have an audio-only call (learn how to do this here!). With high or unlimited data plans for our iPhones, people might not stop to think about how much data their apps go through. However, if you have a more restrictive data cap, it would be wise to always be aware of how much data you’re using. Considering that FaceTime could potentially rack up a bunch of data for some longer video calls, it would be nice to know what the data usage of this app. Luckily there is an easy way to figure this out.

If you’re interested in knowing how much data the FaceTime app has consumed in total, you can find this information in the Settings app. In particular, this is going to reveal how much data you have used over your cellular connection. It doesn’t include wifi data consumption. Tap Settings, then Cellular, and then scroll to the list on the bottom. If you’ve used FaceTime over cellular, it will have an entry here alongside the amount of data it has used. If you find that you’ve used up a lot of your data, you can restrict yourself from here as well by turning the slider to the off position, which will limit your FaceTime calls to wifi only.

Perhaps you would like to have a bit more detailed look at your FaceTime consumption. Of course, there’s an easy way to view the data usage on a per-call basis as well. You can do this from within the FaceTime app itself, where all you need to do is tap in the “i” button to bring up the information of a particular call. On that screen you will see the data usage of that call. Similarly, you can access this through the Phone app as well. Tap on the Recents button at the bottom of the screen, and then tap on the information button on the right side of the FaceTime call that you are interested in. The resulting screen will show the data consumption.

So now that you know how to monitor your FaceTime data usage, you hopefully won’t have it as an excuse if you go over your cellular data allowance again!

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