You know when you get that catchy song stuck in your head, and you realize that you don’t know the exact words? The song loops through your mind over and over again, and your hear the wrong words each time but don’t know what the right ones are. What do you do?

Until now, you would probably do a Google search for your song’s lyrics to set yourself straight. That’s not too difficult. However, now there is an even easier way, and it actually works much better.

On the Apple App Store, download the free app Musixmatch. It’s free to get, and won’t cost you anything in-app to use these basic functionalities.

Here’s how the magic works. First, once you’ve installed Musixmatch, swipe down on the home screen to open Notification Center. Then, at the bottom, tap edit and add the Musixmatch widget. That’s all you need to do.

Now, let’s try it out. Start playing a song on your phone. Once it’s going and you’re at a lyrical part, open your Notification Center again and take a look at the Musixmatch widget. It is showing you the lyrics as they are being sung! This is remarkably amazing. So much better than just Googling for your words.

The Musixmatch app can also be used to help identify lyrics from outside sources. If your head a song playing on the TV or in the mall somewhere, anywhere that your iPhone can hear the words, the app will listen like Shazam, but instead of just telling you what song is playing, it will serve you up the lyrics just as you need them.

Thanks to Federico Viticci of MacStories for pointing out this fantastic app! Now you have no excuse to ever get song lyrics wrong again!

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