As has been predicted for weeks now, this morning, Apple finally sent out their exclusive invitations to the press and tech journalists for their big event next week. Rumours have swirled for a long time now that Tuesday, September 10, 2013 is a day to circle on calendars, as that will be the day that Apple unveils their next-gen iPhone – in all likelihood with the name “iPhone 5S”. Moreover, today (Tuesday, September 3, 2013) has been predicted to be the day when all the lucky people receive their invites in their mailboxes. Well, the invites arrived today (I did not get one), and they announce Sept. 10 as the day of the big show.

Of course, as is seemingly tradition, Apple invitations always seem somewhat cryptic. They don’t explicitly announce or show anything that would confirm any rumours. But they always show “something” that gets people talking and keeps them guessing. The invitations from today were no different.

Here is an image of what the invitations included:

Looks nice! But what does it mean? Interpreting Apple invitations is always fun and full of speculation. And as is usually the case, we won’t know for sure for another week (!), when they presumably reveal the new iPhone 5S… and likely the new iPhone 5C.

So, let’s have a go at interpreting the Apple invitation for the Sept. 10 show!

To me, I don’t see a whole lot of details included. Not much is being given away. BUT, I think there are two GIGANTIC hints – the first of which is being repeated everywhere, but the second one I have only seen a few times, and I think is VERY exciting!

The first clue about the Apple keynote reveal is in the colours themselves. There are lots of very clean coloured bubbles up there. No textures. Just lines and colours. On the surface, this is likely a reference to the upcoming release of iOS 7, as it was introduced a few months back and now everyone is eagerly awaiting it’s release. Incidentally, new versions of iOS always coincide with new models of iPhone. So, I don’t think it’s a stretch to lock in the guess that this is a show about iPhone. But the colour clue is more than that! I think that the use of so many colours may be a tell that Apple is indeed going ahead and releasing the lower-cost (to produce!) iPhone, rumoured to be called iPhone 5C, which will likely come in an assortment of colours. I think there are more colours shown in the invitation that what Apple will likely include as available iPhone colours, but I think the point is made. Colour is coming to the iPhone! This also agrees with the actual text beneath the picture, indicating that “This should brighten everyone’s day.” Colour will do that!

As I said, I think there are two hints in that invite, and the second one, which I don’t see many people noticing, lies with the “ringed,” colourless bubbles. Many people have hypothesized that these are in fact representative of the white iPhone. Could be, I suppose. Though, as I noted, there’s more colours shown than will likely make their way to the production line, so I don’t think it’s a colour by colour clue. What I think these ringed circles represent are actually (to me) far more exciting that just coloured shells. My first impression was that they are artistic representations of the current (iPhone 5 and earlier) home button. The rings could be a way of showing how the button is concave, by the use of shading. This would merely suggest that something special is about to happen to the home button. However, my thinking is that they are an actual, physical metal ring now built into the home button, to be a part of the fingerprint reader that has been rumoured to be included in a future iPhone for months now, since their purchase of the biometric company AuthenTec. This has been one of the best-kept secrets about this new phone, in terms of parts leaks. All the tech sites have been publishing all kinds of pics of circuit boards and cameras and shells, all supposedly covert shots taken by employees involved in the assembly process. However, while there is a recent picture of the home button cable, I have seen no leaks yet of the actual button. So, to me, this seems like a very well-kept secret this time.

If this second hint is true, it is a huge leap forward for smartphone technology! There are few (if any) smartphones that make use of fingerprint scanning technology, so if this is true and it actually works well, it is a great achievement in smartphone biometric security. Hopefully this will deter thieves from stealing and reselling iPhones, and also potentially provide a secure method of making a payment.

Only time will tell if these guesses are right. I’m confident that this invitation points to a coloured iPhone 5C, and a premium iPhone 5S with fingerprint reading technology. One thing is definitely for sure though: we will have the answers in less than a week!

My wallet is at the ready!

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