EarPods wrap

How to do the Apple EarPods Cord Wrap

So you’ve got yourself a brand new iOS device, and with it comes a new set of Apple’s Ear Pods in their reusable travel container. You open the case, unravel them and put them to use. However, now that you’re done, how in the world do you wrap them up again as nicely as when they were new? There is a precise method to the Apple cord wrap. Here is how you do it.

First thing you do is put the Ear Pods into the right and left slots for them. They will only fit one way. Now orient the case so that the cord points straight towards you. Now comes the wire wrap trick.

To begin, grab the wire that does not have the control buttons on it. Wrap this cord counter-clockwise to the top, and them thread it down the center groove back towards you.

Next, take the other wire (with the control buttons) and wrap that the same way, and lay it down the middle on top of the first wire so that the buttons for nicely into the groove.

Now you should have both wires wrapped once and them down through the center groove. Continue now to wrap them both together counter-clockwise, trying to pack he cord neatly and tightly as you wind.

When you are done, the 8 mm headphone connector should be on the right side pointing up, perfectly positioned. All you need to do next is fit the transparent plastic lid over top of your wrap job to finish. You may need to jostle the cord a bit as you settle the lid, ensuring that you aren’t pinching the wire anywhere.

That’s all there is to it! I think these are some of the best in-ear headphones, and the bonus is that they come with your new iPhone or iPod! If you’re planning on reusing the Apple Ear Pod case to store your new headphones, make sure you follow this method to store them correctly, with the proper cord wrap!